What is Hobby Lobby Return Policy?

What is Hobby Lobby Return Policy?

At Hobby Lobby, customer satisfaction takes center stage, and the return process is designed to be as seamless as possible. Here’s a breakdown of the return policies for purchases made with the original receipt:

  • Time Frame: The hobby lobby return policy is simple! Within 90 days of purchase, customers can opt for an exchange, receive store credit, or obtain a refund based on the original payment method.
  • Check Purchases: For transactions involving checks, there is a 10-calendar-day wait period before processing. Alternatively, customers can opt for merchandise credit.
What is Hobby Lobby Return Policy?

What is Hobby Lobby Return Policy? Returns Without the Original Receipt

Clearance items add an extra layer to the return process. When the original store receipt is not available, Hobby Lobby provides options based on the lowest selling price in the last 60 days:

  • Exchange or Merchandise Credit: Customers can either exchange the item or receive merchandise credit, with the value determined by the lowest selling price within the last 60 days.
  • ID Requirement: A valid ID is required for returns without the original receipt.
  • Product Restrictions: Hobby Lobby reserves the right to limit or refuse returns on certain products and non-receipted items.

Can you return unopened paint to Hobby Lobby?

It is possible to return your item to Hobby Lobby within 90 days of the purchase date, as long as it is in sellable condition (unused and unopened).

Hobby Lobby return without receipt

Merchandise may be exchanged or credited based on its lowest selling price over the last 60 days. A valid ID must be provided. Certain products and items that have not been received may not be returned. We reserve the right to refuse returns.

Prohibited Returns: Know Before You Go

While Hobby Lobby aims to accommodate customer needs, there are certain returns that fall under the prohibited category:

  • Cricut® Machines, HeatPressNation Machines, and Sewing Machines: Returns or exchanges for these items are prohibited unless the customer presents the original receipt, and the products are in new, unopened condition.
  • Warranty Claims: Any warranty claims must be directed to the respective manufacturer.
  • Product Restrictions: Hobby Lobby retains the right to limit or refuse the return of specific products and non-receipted items.

Smooth Sailing Through the Return Process

Understanding Hobby Lobby’s return policies ensures a smooth sailing experience for customers. Whether armed with the original receipt or navigating returns on clearance items, Hobby Lobby strives to provide flexibility while maintaining fairness and efficiency.

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