Steel Carport Into Outdoor Entertainment Space

Convert Your Steel Carport Into Outdoor Entertainment Space

Do you have an unused steel carport on your property? If yes, it’s time to remodel it. You may hesitate, as remodeling is generally associated with cost, but rest assured; we have some simple ideas that you can use to renovate any prefab carport structures without breaking the bank. So, here we go. How To…

Do you have an unused steel carport on your property? If yes, it’s time to remodel it. You may hesitate, as remodeling is generally associated with cost, but rest assured; we have some simple ideas that you can use to renovate any prefab carport structures without breaking the bank. So, here we go.

How To Revamp Steel Carports Into Outdoor Entertainment Space?

Step#1. Start With Cleaning

Clean your carport thoroughly with a garden hose, warm water, and mild detergent. If mud stains, metal posts, or birds drop over the roof, scrub them off with a soft bristle brush. Now, let the entire structure air dry on its own.

Step#2. Examine & Fix Any Issues

Once dry, check for rusting. If you notice any minor rust development, scrub it off with the same brush and then apply a metal primer over it. Examine other potential issues, such as holes, gaps, or leaks, and fix them before proceeding.

Step#3. Apply Paint

Now that we are done with cleaning and inspection, it is time to choose a paint color for the metal carport structure. But which color should you pick? We suggest that you opt for a color that matches the main building on your property to create a seamless look.

If not, you can opt for classic colors like black or white. When buying paint, make sure it is meant for metal. This will not only protect the metal from rust and external moisture but also lengthen the life of steel carport structures.

Step#4. Floor & Roof

Once we are done painting, the basic job is already done. Now, you can either leave the concrete slab as it is or polish and stain it for a wood-like appearance using a tintable oil base stain. Alternatively, you can add an outdoor rug to cover most of the floor.

Tip: If you are constructing a new steel carport, you can use a stamp wood pattern after pouring and leveling the concrete. Then, add paint to resemble wood.

Prefab metal carports can have roof extensions. You can use an overhang to hang small potted flower plants. If installing a new metal carport structure as an outdoor shaded area, you can opt for the following roof styles.

  • Vertical roof panels with pitch and overhanging eaves
  • Glass panels instead of metal (you can use colored glasses)
  • balcony over the roof (it only works with attached steel carports, and you will need to consult with an architect and a contractor for the design)
  • Pergola style roof (it won’t protect you from the rain)
  • Solar panels roof (it works as a shaded patio cum electricity generator roof)

Design a roof that matches your main building. You can install metal panels with matching screws for a seamless look.

Step#5. Add Furniture

Furniture is not only functional but also adds a design element to your outdoor entertainment area. But what can you possibly add to it? Take a glance at it here.

Outdoor Rug: Pick the right size. Reversible rugs are made of weather-resistant material such as PVC or bamboo. They dry easily and will last for seasons. Choose a style that matches the ambiance with your theme.

Ceiling Or Floor Fans: For humid areas, consider installing a ceiling fan or investing in a floor fan for air circulation.

Light Fixtures & String Lights: String lights are an affordable way to decorate prefab metal carports. You can also add light fixtures to your new patio space to increase visibility at night.

Outdoor Dining Area: Set up a dining table with chairs to have dinner and chat with friends and family. You can go with the vintage look or opt for modern chic furniture.

Comfy Seating: If having a dining table is not a likable idea, opt for a comfortable couch to relax around a coffee table and enjoy your favorite Netflix show or movie.

Coils & Candles: Outdoor can be annoying if there are mosquitos and other insects. Use citronella coils or candles to ward them off.

Step#6. Install Privacy Filters

Though outdoor entertainment space is nice for spending time alone or with your family, you can add some privacy element to it. Create a screen using laser-cut metal panels or a privacy screen made of sturdy horizontal aluminum slate.

If all that does not seem convincing, add a living wall, i.e., a vertical wall with climber plants. Not only does it add greenery, but it also has some filters. And above all, none of these privacy panels takes up a lot of space.

Step#7. Add Entertainment Features

An outdoor leisure space would be incomplete without an entertainment setup. So, let’s finally add a few elements to steel carports to create relaxing vibes.

Hammock: If you have trees nearby, you can tie ends to end. However, you can get a hammock with a stand when no trees are around. Alternatively, you can buy an egg hammock.

Fire Pit: No outdoor space in America is complete without a fire pit. It adds warmth and ambiance to the exterior space. You can get a portable fire pit with a stand.

Game Zone: Entertainment isn’t about just watching movies, you can set up some table tennis or play backyard bocce, cornhole, or board games.

Projector Screen: An outdoor home theater with a simple yet large screen and comfortable seating space is a great way to organize movie nights at home. Just make sure you are not loud enough to annoy your neighbors. You can invest in a portable mini-projector with built-in speakers.

BBQGrilling: It is another stable outdoor leisure activity that people love to install in their yard space. Install a barbeque grill and enjoy some time preparing food with your kids and loved ones.

Retractable Awning: If steel carports aren’t large enough for a group, you can opt for the retractable awning to accommodate friends coming over. Once done, you can fold it back.

Cooler Cart: It will keep your drinks chill and accessible, so you don’t have to go to the kitchen again and miss the conversation.

Patio Umbrella: You can install a garden seating area near the carport and add a patio umbrella for shade. This will create extra space for having lunch or drinks.

And you are done! Pat on your back for the wonderful job.

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Create A Family Commonplace With Metal Carports Structure

We hope these ideas will help you create a wonderful outdoor entertainment space to enjoy and relax. Steel carports are suitable for outdoor applications because they resist rot, decay, fire, pests, and everyday weather conditions. Always compare quotes from the top metal building dealer before investing in prefab metal carports.

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