Is Hobby Lobby Pet Friendly?

Pup loves you for your other hobby. Fifi herself is a creative icon. She’s been trying to tell you, beef pupourri and chicken garlands. Trust her; she’s got a plan. In Hobby Lobby, you still can’t decide between fleece with Poodles and flannel with Pugs. We’re sure that doggo has opinions, so we were wondering, is Hobby Lobby pet friendly? Here’s the quick sniff.

Is Hobby Lobby Pet Friendly

Is Hobby Lobby Pet Friendly?

Hobby Lobby Pet Policy

There is no official pet policy on Hobby Lobby’s website. Angie, the lovely customer service representative, told us dogs are generally allowed in their stores, even though there is no official pet policy. Each location’s management decides whether dogs are welcome, so call ahead. Unruly dogs will be asked to leave, so be sure Buddy behaves well.

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3 Tips for a Hobby Lobby Visit With Pup

It wouldn’t make any sense to limit the creative flow of a woofer. Princess thinks more glitter, less cats. Iconic! Check out these tips and tricks for the next time you take your puppy to Hobby Lobby. 

1. Keep Pup Leashed or in Cart

Be sure to keep your dog on a leash or in a cart while you’re shopping. If you’ve got a smol fry, he’ll love watching everything from his perch. Maybe he can pick out fabric for a new shopping cart liner. Shopping has never been so comfortable.

2. Take a Potty Break

When you’re in a craft store, it’s easy to get swept up in the wonderment. Make sure your dog (and yourself) takes a potty break before entering. Lifting legs or leaving logs inside is a no-no.

3. Pack Treats and Toys

Having treats on hand to distract pup from any commotion can help Fren stay calm in a place where there are a lot of scents and sounds. Hobby Lobby is a Mastiff place with lots of smells and sounds. Bring a toy to minimize buying everything pup bites at Hobby Lobby. Maybe that’s her evil plan? 

Can you bring cats in Hobby Lobby?

Pets are welcome in Hobby Lobby stores and can include dogs, cats, and other household pets. Service animals, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs are also welcome.

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