How Much Does Hobby Lobby Pay?

Hobby Lobby, a popular retail giant, employs individuals across various roles. Ever wondered how much they pay their employees? In this article, we’ll delve into the average salaries at Hobby Lobby, explore popular roles, and uncover common benefits. Let’s embark on a journey through the compensation landscape of this renowned company.

How Much Does Hobby Lobby Pay: Popular Roles and Their Pay In Hobby Lobby

How Much Does Hobby Lobby Pay?

1. Order Picker: Mastering the Hourly Earnings Dance

  • $22.28 per hour
  • An ensemble of 86 salaries reported

2. The Retail Symphony: Sales Associate’s Harmony

  • $20.70 per hour
  • A melody composed by 17 reported salaries

3. Sanitation Wizard: Weekly Alchemy

  • $1,970 per week
  • A rhythm created by 10 reported salaries

4. Loading and Stocking: Warehouse Choreography

  • $18.13 per hour
  • A dance performed by 13 reported salaries

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5. Stocker’s Rhythmic Routine

  • $12.11 per hour
  • A routine crafted by 6 reported salaries

6. Forklift Operator: Elevating Hourly Tunes

  • $19.87 per hour
  • A lift conducted by 9 reported salaries

7. The Retail Cadence: Cashier’s Beat

  • $12.00 per hour
  • A beat echoed by 6 reported salaries

8. Stocking Solo: Associate’s Hourly Encore

  • $34.32 per hour
  • An encore presented by a single reported salary

9. Cashier/Sales: Harmonizing Hourly Sales

  • $11.64 per hour
  • A harmony resonating from 14 reported salaries

Driving Forces: Accelerating Through Compensation

10. Truck Driver: Navigating the Annual Highway

  • $77,760 per year
  • A journey embarked by 17 reported salaries

11. Local Driver: Hourly Pit Stop

  • $15.24 per hour
  • A solitary pit stop with one reported salary

12. The Driver’s Ballad: Hourly Rhythm

  • $13.27 per hour
  • A solo performance echoing through a single reported salary

13. Delivery Driver: Harmonizing Hourly Deliveries

  • $11.48 per hour
  • A solo act resonating from one reported salary

Construction Symphony: Crafting Compensation

14. Framer’s Hourly Brushstrokes

  • $14.64 per hour
  • A canvas painted with 12 reported salaries

15. Laborer’s Wage Waltz

  • $17.66 per hour
  • A dance choreographed by 3 reported salaries

16. Decorating Manager’s Hourly Palette

  • $15.75 per hour
  • A brushstroke from a solitary reported salary

Management Sonnet: Salaries in Leadership Verse

17. Assistant Manager’s Humble Earnings

  • $8.87 per hour
  • A refrain sung by 7 reported salaries

18. Co-manager’s Annual Overture

  • $66,608 per year
  • A grand symphony with 26 reported salaries

19. Department Head’s Hourly Sonata

  • $15.92 per hour
  • A musical note from 4 reported salaries

20. Distribution Manager’s Annual Symphony

  • $63,000 per year
  • A harmonious duet with 2 reported salaries

21. Fleet Manager: Navigating Annual Waters

  • $65,000 per year
  • A voyage guided by a solitary reported salary

22. Head of Customer Service: Service Sonata

  • $15.45 per hour
  • A harmonious note from a single reported salary

23. Package Manager: Parcel Overture

  • $46,000 per year
  • A musical note resonating from one reported salary

24. Purchasing Manager’s Annual Opus

  • $64,969 per year
  • A symphony composed by a solitary reported salary

25. Team Leader’s Leadership Lullaby

  • $24.05 per hour
  • A leadership ballad with 7 reported salaries

The Harmony of Benefits: Beyond the Paycheck

Hobby Lobby adds a harmonious touch to its compensation with benefits such as employee discounts, health, life, and dental insurance, paid time off, and a retirement plan with 401k matching.

Decoding Employee Sentiments: Answering Common Questions

1. The Fairness Duet: Employee Satisfaction

Indeed’s Work Happiness survey reveals that 45% of respondents feel strongly or moderately that they are paid fairly.

2. Overtime Riddles: The Extra Hour Conundrum

Out of 2,158 respondents, 48% claim overtime is paid at time and a half, while the majority notes no overtime.

3. The Evasive Raise: The Rarity of Pay Raises

Among 2,414 employees, most assert they’ve never experienced a pay raise.

4. Sick Day Symphony: The Dose of Time Off

Indeed’s survey among 2,957 employees unveils the intricacies of sick days, yet numerical details remain elusive.

5. The Pause Button: Paid Time Off Perspectives

Among 2,957 employees, 26% find it agreeably easy to press the pause button on their work life.

6. Does Hobby Lobby pay $15 an hour?

Nope, Hobby Lobby pays between $9.00 and $27.98 per hour for Team Members and Warehouse Workers.


In the ever-evolving composition of Hobby Lobby’s compensation melody, each role contributes to the harmonious resonance. While figures fluctuate, the dedication of employees remains the unspoken linchpin. Understanding the enigma of compensation paves the way for a transparent and harmonious work environment.

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