Is Hobby Lobby a good place to work?

Hobby Lobby, a well-known retailer of arts and crafts supplies, has been a subject of curiosity when it comes to its work environment. In this article, we delve into the depths of employee reviews on Glassdoor to decipher whether Hobby Lobby stands tall as a commendable workplace.

Is Hobby Lobby a good place to work? Why do Employee Reviews Matter?

Is Hobby Lobby a good place to work?

Before we dissect the numbers, it’s crucial to understand why employee reviews are more than just data. They are narratives that paint a vivid picture of the workplace experience.

A Glimpse into Hobby Lobby’s Glassdoor Rating

Hobby Lobby’s Glassdoor rating serves as a window into the collective sentiment of its workforce. The numerical representation, often the first impression for job seekers, carries significant weight.

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The Numbers Game

Analyzing the Overall Rating

The overall rating is a summary, but what does it encapsulate? We break down the components that contribute to this critical metric.

Exploring the Decrease: -3% in 12 Months

A negative trend over the last 12 months raises questions. What factors have led to this decline, and how does it impact the perception of Hobby Lobby as an employer?

The Employee Voice

Anonymous Insights: 4,235 Reviews Speak

A significant number of reviews provide a diverse range of opinions. Anonymity fosters honest revelations, giving us a glimpse into the unfiltered thoughts of Hobby Lobby employees.

Recommendation Rate: 52%

More than half of the employees would recommend working at Hobby Lobby to a friend. What factors contribute to this positive sentiment?

Positive Outlook: 48%

While a significant portion recommends, almost half express a positive outlook. What aspects of the business contribute to this optimism?

Beyond the Numbers

What Makes Hobby Lobby Stand Out?

Hobby Lobby’s appeal goes beyond numbers. We explore the unique features that make it distinct in the eyes of its workforce.

Factors Influencing Recommendations

Digging deeper, we identify the specific elements that drive employees to vouch for Hobby Lobby.

The Dynamics of Dissatisfaction

Unveiling the Negative Reviews

Not every review is a shining endorsement. We dissect the criticisms to understand the pain points of employees.

Addressing Employee Concerns

Acknowledging concerns is the first step. How does Hobby Lobby respond to negative feedback, and what initiatives are in place to address issues?

The Positive Outlook

Shining a Light on the Good

Amidst criticisms, there are commendations. We highlight the positive aspects that employees appreciate.

Finding Satisfaction Amidst Dissatisfaction

Satisfaction is subjective. We explore how some employees manage to find contentment despite prevalent dissatisfaction.

Company Culture and Work-Life Balance

A Deep Dive into Hobby Lobby’s Culture

Company culture plays a pivotal role. We dissect the values and practices that shape the work environment at Hobby Lobby.

Balancing Work and Life at Hobby Lobby

Work-life balance is a key factor in employee satisfaction. How does Hobby Lobby strike this delicate equilibrium?

Navigating Changes Over Time

How Hobby Lobby Adapts

The ability to adapt is essential for any workplace. We explore how Hobby Lobby navigates changes and evolves over time.

Employee Satisfaction Across Years

Trends reveal more than individual snapshots. We analyze how employee satisfaction at Hobby Lobby has shifted over the years.

The Roadmap to Improvement

Bridging the Gaps

No workplace is perfect. We outline the gaps and challenges Hobby Lobby faces and propose strategies for improvement.

Strategies for Enhancing Workplace Experience

Improvement requires action. What steps can Hobby Lobby take to enhance the overall workplace experience for its employees?


A Holistic View of Hobby Lobby’s Workplace

In conclusion, we paint a holistic picture of Hobby Lobby as a workplace. The synthesis of numbers, employee voices, and the company’s response forms a comprehensive understanding.


  1. Is Hobby Lobby a good place to work for creative individuals? Absolutely! Many employees find the creative atmosphere at Hobby Lobby inspiring for their artistic pursuits.
  2. How does Hobby Lobby support employee well-being? Hobby Lobby prioritizes employee well-being through initiatives like flexible schedules and employee assistance programs.
  3. What steps is Hobby Lobby taking to address negative feedback? Hobby Lobby actively listens to employee concerns and implements strategies to address issues raised in feedback.
  4. Are there growth opportunities for employees at Hobby Lobby? Yes, Hobby Lobby provides avenues for career growth and skill development, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  5. How does Hobby Lobby maintain its unique company culture? Hobby Lobby maintains its unique culture through a focus on core values and fostering a sense of community among employees.


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